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dreamhack logo Veranstalter, DreamHack. Austragungsort, Deutschland Deutschland Leipziger Messe. Die DreamHack Leipzig ist die deutsche Plattform der schwedischen DreamHack, dem weltweit. Dann nutzen Sie hier zur eigenen Verwendung unsere Logos. Klicken Sie einfach auf den jeweiligen Link zum Download. Es handelt sich unter anderem um. DreamHack Summer Logo. Wann & Wo. Juni Jönköping ( Schweden). Format. 8 Teams. Double Elimination Groups + Single Elimination.

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The game was tight for the remainder of the first half and Fnatic had a lucky lucky lead after 15 rounds. The two teams traded three rounds each to start the game. In the tenth round, with NiP leading and TSM just having won a round, it started off with dupreeh peeking wide and taking down the NiP in game leader Xizt. However, it rose very quickly ever since its debut on the international scene at ESL One Katowice and was the first South American team to play at the major. Titan was also at the previous major, but was upset by the Renegades in the group slot fun. FalleN took down GuardiaN but Zeus sneaked through a smoke grenade and traded. The two teams continued to trade rounds until Hsv hamburg handball had a three-round lead going trinkspiele karten the 14th round. The game was played on Cobblestone again. Global Offensive Majors DreamHack. By selecting the gas spring, the height of the chair floor to sitting element can be optionally adjusted. Lumbar online casino deposit free with straps Sitting element: Freely adjustable backrest that tilts up to 67 degrees Lordosis:

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Norway goes to DreamHack Diese Seite lotto 2 richtige gewinn zuletzt am Pavillon des Exhibition Cernters als Veranstaltungsort. In anderen Projekten Commons. Das erste Event wurde vom Group A [ edit ] Group A Mai 19, 1. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und klettern englisch Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. In anderen Projekten Commons. Pavillon des Exhibition Cernters als Veranstaltungsort. Reflex Esport Club Längst reichen die gemieteten Hallen nicht mehr aus, so dass auch die anderen Hallen der Elmia Messehallen für die verschiedensten Bereiche genutzt werden. Da es dem Marken- oder Namensrecht unterliegt, müssen bei der Weiterverwendung diese Schutzrechte beachtet werden. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Diese werden wie folgt auf die Mannschaften verteilt:. GO Teams gehen an den Start. Zusätzlich informieren wir euch über das Turnierformat, die teilnehmenden Organisationen sowie über die Verteilung des Preisgeldes. Die DreamHack im Winter , welche am

This chair model comes with an lumbar cushion for optional use which cannot be fastened to the backrest but placed in the backrest area.

Find out more about Dreamhack! Available Body weight recommendation: Head pillow with anti-slip coating Backrest: Freely adjustable backrest that tilts up to 67 degrees Lordosis: Lumbar cushion cannot be fastened Sitting element: Extra thick side bolsters limited space to sit Frame: Sturdy tubular steel frame with elastic strap supports Arm rests: Comfortable tilt mechanism with five possible positions Star base: Sturdy, long-lasting aluminum base, 70cm Standard wheels Cover material: Durable PU and cold cured foam components Embroidery: Fnatic took the lead at before Cloud9 picked up a first round.

Cloud9 retook the lead at but both teams were on very low money heading into the 24th round. In that round, olofmeister found the Cloud9 leader fairly early into the round.

Cloud9 could not get back to winning ways and Fnatic was able to obtain Legends status once again after taking down the American team In the series, n0thing lead the way for Cloud9 with 35 kills and seang res had 34, but KRiMZ had 44 kills and olofmeister had 39 kills as Fnatic made its way to the playoffs once again.

FlipSid3 placed 9th at the previous major and defeated Copenhagen Wolves twice to reach the major. TSM then took a massive lead before FlipSid3 would get its first round.

The Ukrainian side would just get one more round in the first half and a deficit. The second half was slightly better but TSM was able to close it out with a victory.

Georgi "WorldEdit" Yaskin had 23 kills for Flipsid3 and Vladyslav "bondik" Nechyporchuk had 17, but those were the only two players to have a positive kills to death differential for Flipsid3.

The fourth match of the major pitted G2 Esports and mousesports. G2, then under the Team Kinguin banner, placed fifth at the previous major, losing to TSM in the quarterfinals.

G2 started with a lead, but mousesports was able to win the first gun round. G2 then jumped to a lead before mousesports obtained a second round.

In the next round, G2 set up to take the A bombsite. Johannes "nex" Maget found Ricardo "fox" Pacheco as G2 was running into the bombsite.

Denis "denis" Howell took down Dennis "dennis" Edman as the G2 player was attempting to plant the bomb, but denis was traded out by jkaem.

Mikail "Maikelele" Bill took down nex to make it a 2 vs 2, but mousesports in-game leader Fatih "gob b" Dayik dropped down to trade him out.

The German team was able to get to six rounds and was only in a three-round deficit heading into the second half. G2 got the seven rounds it needed to win the game and took Inferno G2 faced TSM in its next match.

Both teams had a chance to redeem themselves on Overpass. However, FlipSid3 struggled again in the first half and the German team overran FlipSid3 and took a lead into the halftime break.

Once again, WorldEdit showed up for his team with 22 kills and markeloff chimed in with 19, but the rest of their team did not, including the FlipSid3 captain Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy with just 8 kills.

On the other side, NiKo and nex did well for their team with 27 kills each. FlipSid3 was eliminated from the tournament.

TSM started well with a pistol round win and dupreeh found two kills in the second round. Maikelele and rain overwhelmed Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz behind them to even out the players.

Maikelele was then able to win a duel against karrigan with just nine health points remaining and his ace won G2 the round. In the next round, with this time TSM on an economy round, the Danes were able to make it a 3 vs 3.

Then in a 1 vs 1, jkaem attempted to take down dev1ce, who was on just four points of health and a pistol, and TSM set back G2. TSM jumped to a lead before G2 found another.

The half ended with a lead for TSM. Everyone on G2 underperformed; Maikelele had 15 kills, but also had 16 deaths, to lead G2.

G2 faced mousesports once again. Unlike the other games in Group B, this series had close games. The first game was on Mirage. The half ended with an advantage for mousesports.

However, the second half went in the favor of G2, ending regulation in a score. The second game was on Inferno, the map mousesports was stomped on by G2 just two days earlier.

Cache was a different story in this series but was similar to the other matches in Group B — a blowout win. G2 had an 11 to 4 lead at the half and limited mousesports to just one round in the second half to win It also stifled NiKo to just 10 kills.

Overall, NiKo had 69 kills and chrisJ had 62 kills as the two non-Germans on the German team did well, but the rest of their team struggled. Meanwhile, jkaem had 74 kills and fox had 62 kills to lead G2 in the three game set.

G2 entered the playoffs second place in its group and mousesports was eliminated. At the previous major, it placed third after defeating in the Ninjas in Pyjamas and losing to Fnatic , the eventual champions.

Team Liquid defeated Renegades twice in the major qualifier to make it to Cluj-Napoca. The game took place on Cobblestone, a map in which Virtus.

Liquid tied the game back up at 3. Liquid then extended its lead to before VP would pick up a fifth round. Each team took one round each afterwards and Liquid took a lead into the half.

The American squad started with a three-round winning streak in the second half and had a lead. VP took three rounds for itself. Liquid won a 13th round.

In the 23rd round, Liquid had just won the previous round but had a worse buy than VP and was in danger of being reset in its economy.

VP committed to the A bombsite and the two teams traded kills. However, Snax and pashaBiceps quickly found two kills and then ELiGE was left in a 1 vs 3 and was forced to save his gun.

The Polish veterans tied the score at 13 and then both teams reached 15 rounds to send the game to overtime. VP swept the overtime rounds and won the game Titan was also at the previous major, but was upset by the Renegades in the group stage.

NiP was by far the favorite to win the match. All seemed over until NiP started mounting a comeback. Although Ex6tenz was taken down by Adam "friberg" Friberg , Richard "shox" Papillon took down Aleksi "allu" Jalli , essentially securing the round for Titan.

Meanwhile, shox had 23 kills and three Titan players sat on 22 kills to secure the upset win. Titan went on to face VP. Team Liquid nearly took down VP in the initial matches of the group stage while NiP was upset by Titan after being blown out in the first half of that game.

Liquid started well after taking a lead. The Swedes then went on a 9 to 2 run and took home the first half Liquid got to 8 rounds heading into the 19th round.

In that round, nitr0 entered the A bombsite and took down Xizt in the stairs position as allu failed to trade as the Finnish player missed a shot.

However, adreN was able to trade him out and FugLy found allu in the counter-terrorist spawn. The game was tied at 10 but Liquid failed to find much success after.

NiP seemed to change its setups after game was tied at The Swedes still had a chance at keeping its top eight hopes alive after taking the game VP and Titan struck to Train, a map VP historically was famous for, especially on its terrorist side, the less favorable side on this map.

VP elected to start on the counter-terrorist side. VP started with a lead but Titan did close the gap by taking a round. Snax found ScreaM with a shotgun — a gun in which one needs to be very up close with in order to inflict good damage — and Ex6tenz had a chance to trade him out, but the Belgian player missed a flurry of shots and Snax was able to take him down.

SmithZz was able to trade him out and Rpk took down Snax but byali took down SmithZz with just 13 seconds to go. VP captain Filip "NEO" Kubski inflicted lots of damage onto Rpk but the French player took him down from the other side of the map with 7 seconds to go.

The clock ticked to zero and VP won the round, despite Rpk killing byali a second after the timer expired. Titan seemed to find its footing late into the half and brought the score to a close disadvantage.

However, VP showed why its terrorist side on the map was to be reckoned with as its offense took home 7 rounds and Titan was only able to find 1.

VP moved on to the playoffs and Titan went on to face NiP in the decider series. This series had two different storylines to it, all ending in the same result.

The first game went to Cache, a map that NiP is considered to be one of the, if not the best, teams on. However, Titan put up a fight.

Titan eventually took a halftime lead. Titan then had a massive 7 round lead after winning the pistol and anti-economy rounds.

In the 20th round, with Titan leading , NiP barely invested money into the round as it was saving money for the following round, thus making a 14th round very likely for the French side.

However, Xizt brought down a low-health SmithZz and then followed onto shox before ScreaM took him down. Rpk traded allu, but f0rest took Rpk down and NiP picked up an important round.

The game was eventually tied at 14 rounds. Rpk took down allu but friberg quickly traded him out. Titan was severely low on money the last round and NiP defense did not flounder and the Swedish team took the first map.

Rpk, who was arguably the best Counter-Strike: Source player of all time, had 28 kills and shox had 32 kills, but it was not enough as SmithZz only had 11; on NiP, f0rest had 26 kills.

The second map had Titan underperform heavily. Titan would take the 9th round, but that would be the only win it would get as NiP won nearly all exchanges and clutches.

Rpk lead his team, but only with 10 kills as f0rest and allu lead NiP with 22 and 20 kills, respectively. NiP moved on the playoffs and Titan was eliminated.

EnVyUs was a finalist at the last major after finishing first in its group after it defeated Flipsid3 Tactics and Luminosity Gaming and then defeated Natus Vincere and Team SoloMid in the playoffs and had a good lead against Fnatic in the first game of the final before blowing the lead and then being blown out in the second game.

Dignitas defeated Team Immunity twice to qualify for the major. EnVyUs showed why it was a finalist at the last major.

Dignitas began with a lead and then EnVyUs tied it up at 3. The game was then tied at 5 with Dignitas coming off a win in the last round.

In the 11th round, EnVyUs was limited to two rifles it saved from the last round and three pistols. The French team never looked back after that round and went on an 11 to 1 run from the score to take the game In the second half, CLG took the pistol and the two anti-economy rounds.

Egor "flamie" Vasilyev was able to take down Steve "reltuC" Cutler but he and his teammate were in a 2 vs 4.

The game was played on Cobblestone again. CLG started with a lead and then a However, Dignitas went on a run to close the half and the game became a close scoreline.

Dignitas was able to close the gap to one round at However, CLG extended its lead to Dignitas started bringing things back CLG won the 29th round and got the match point first.

In the 30th round, Dignitas started planning an execute towards the B bombsite. However, shortly after beginning the execute, tarik took down tenzki and jdm64 found two kills on Kjaerbye and MSL in the drop area of the map, which is between middle and the B bombsite.

Pimp then took down tarik in the back of the bombsite but FNS found aizy trying to come out of the drop room.

Pimp attempted to clutch, but hazed took him down and CLG won the game. For the first time in this group, a map did not strike to Cobblestone.

Instead, it went to Mirage. Despite both teams being strong, EnVyUs was heavily favored to win. The teams then traded another set of three rounds to make the score EnVyUs stretched its lead to going into the 19th round.

In that round, the first gun round of the half, apEX went aggressive up middle and took down Edward and then followed up with a highly explosive grenade onto GuardiaN.

On Cobblestone, the first half was very close. The decider map was on Inferno. CLG was eliminated from the tournament. The Cologne grand finals took place in the quarterfinals, after Fnatic was upset by Luminosity Gaming in Group A, forcing the Swedes to play as a lower seed in the playoffs.

Otherwise, Fnatic did not drop any other game in its group against Vexed Gaming and Cloud9. Fnatic landed on Mirage for its map choice.

EnVyUs won the pistol round and the two anti-economy rounds. In the 4th round, flusha and KRiMZ were able to give Fnatic its first round after both got all five kills.

In the 5th round, apEX was able to take down flusha and pronax near the terrorist spawn. Happy was able to take down olofmeister, who was trying to sneak into the B bombsite.

The last two Fnatic members decided to go towards the B bombsite, and with ten seconds remaining kennyS took down KRiMZ dropping down and JW was forced to back off to save his gun.

In the 7th round with EnVyUs leading , Fnatic was limited to very weak pistols. All five members then stormed into the B bombsite. NBK- was the only one on the site and he was only able to get one before being traded by JW.

Happy missed a shot onto JW and olofmeister was able to punish him immediately with a stolen gun from NBK- for his first kill of the game.

JW got another kill onto kioShiMa and Fnatic planted the bomb. The game was tight for the remainder of the first half and Fnatic had a one-round lead after 15 rounds.

The second half started with a Fnatic run to make it EnVyUs took the 24th round. In the 25th round, both teams were on a full buy. JW rushed up middle and took down a jumping kioShiMa, but kennyS was able to trade right away.

Happy then sneaked past a smoke grenade and took down KRiMZ. NBK- was taken down by olofmeister and flusha took down apEX trying to plant the bomb.

EnVyUs chose Cobblestone, a map it played heavily at the major. EnVyUs started with a lead, despite some of the rounds being somewhat close.

Fnatic brought the score back to , but EnVyUs was able to win an economy round to make it In the 9th round with EnVyUs leading , Happy was taken down by olofmeister through a smoke grenade.

The two teams then traded three rounds each and EnVyUs took a lead into the half. EnVyUs started the half with a run before Fnatic got on the board in the second half.

The Swedes were able to pick up two more rounds, but they would get stifled in the end and EnVyUs tied the series The third map headed to Cache to determine which team goes through to the semifinals.

EnVyUs aimed to look for its first title while Fnatic aimed to win its third straight major title. EnVyUs took a lead to start the game, but Fnatic dominated the 6th round to take its first round.

In the first gun round after the timeout, apEX started off by taking down flusha, but was immediately traded by KRiMZ.

The remaining Fnatic members backed off to save their guns, but Happy took down JW and olofmeister to deny the saved rifles. Fnatic was able to take one more round, but the half belonged to EnVyUs and took a lead, despite starting on the less favored side.

EnVyUs continued to roll and won three straight rounds to send the French to the semifinals. Happy had 20 kills and NBK- had 19 kills to lead all players while nobody on Fnatic was in the double digits in terms of kills.

The number one ranked player of , olofmeister was at the bottom of the scoreboard with just three kills. EnVyUs went on to face the winner of Virtus.

However, it was able to take the best of three series in a rematch against the German team to qualify for the playoffs. The first map struck to Cache, a map G2 was known for.

VP started on the counter-terrorist side. On the pistol round, G2 was getting ready for a push towards the A bombsite, but Snax was flanking to get information to his team that G2 was for sure executing towards A.

However, what could have been multiple kills ended up only being one as Snax only found fox before the rest of G2 realized what was going on and turned around to kill him.

TaZ was able to take rain down as G2 was running towards the bombsite but Maikelele traded him out. NEO was able to get to on dennis and jkaem and Maikelele took down pashaBiceps, but byali was able to trade him out to give VP a lead.

VP then took a lead before G2 took a round. G2 tied the game at 4 and VP was forced to go on a save round. In the 11th round, with the score tied at 5, NEO took down rain trying to get information in the A bombsite, but jkaem took down TaZ shortly after.

Maikelele then heard byali running into the bombsite and G2 was able to retake the lead at G2 started the second half well by winning the first two rounds, but VP came back to win the next round.

In the 22nd round with G2 leading , VP went aggressive up middle and Snax was able to take down rain. While able to bring down fox byali ran out of bullets and jkaem took advantage and gave G2 a crucial win.

Later in the game, G2 lead in the 26th round. There, both teams had ideal weapons but VP was short on grenades. VP pushed towards the Checkers area, which is directly across the B bombsite and pashaBiceps caught an unaware dennis.

However, rain was able to trade as pashaBiceps attempted to acquire more information. The next map was on Train, a map in which VP was considered to be the best at.

VP executed towards the B bombsite. NEO then decided to push into the B bombsite himself but Maikelele was waiting and the G2 player won the duel in the battle of the two captains.

G2 then went up to 9 rounds, but VP was able to take the last 4 rounds before the half ended, giving them a decent chance to take the game.

After the 26th round, VP managed to tie the game at VP then was on match point at and G2 had a very limited buy, which included three pistols.

G2 started towards the B bombsite and dennis was able to take down TaZ with one of the two rifles G2 had. G2 proceeded to take two terrorist rounds and had the lead once again at Snax was able to take down rain in the back of the A bombsite but jkaem quickly traded.

TaZ tried to sneak his way through but fox held his ground and the Portuguese AWPer clinched the series for G2 and the huge upset.

However, the Danes never made it past a semifinals majors, but recent success at other tournaments had them favorites to win their first major.

Ninjas in Pyjamas had one major in its hands and many second-place finishes. The Swedes fell early to Titan in the group stage, but defeated Liquid and Titan in a best of three to retain its Legends status.

TSM chose Train as its map pick. NiP started with an early lead. However, Xizt was able to take down karrigan in the A bombsite, but TSM already took over the B bombsite and was able to plant the bomb.

Xyp9x was able to trade allu, but the rest of NiP was able to swarm him, take him down, and defuse the bomb. In the tenth round, with NiP leading and TSM just having won a round, it started off with dupreeh peeking wide and taking down the NiP in game leader Xizt.

NiP proceeded to get to ten rounds while TSM only got to four. In the last round of the first half, TSM needed to win the round to avoid an scoreline.

Xizt took down Xyp9x and karrigan took down f0rest, but then Xizt followed up onto dupreeh to give NiP a one-man advantage. In a 1 vs 1 against friberg, karrigan went around the map to enter through the back of the A bombsite; he then spotted friberg trying to sneak his way in, planted the bomb, and then easily took down friberg to pull of the clutch.

In the next half, TSM took the first three rounds. TSM then fell behind going into the 26th round. There, the Danish team was limited to just pistols.

The next map was Dust II. TSM started well with a lead, but NiP stormed back with 7 straight rounds. In the last round of the first half, with NiP leading , TSM was limited to just four pistols and one rifle with cajunb.

NiP started the second half strong after taking the first three rounds to put itself two rounds away from eliminating the number one team in the world.

TSM answered back by taking four rounds to make it In the 23rd round, executed towards the B bombsite with four players going towards middle to B.

Xyp9x planted the bomb, but allu quickly came in to take him down. In the next round, allu took down dev1ce early in the round in middle.

However, friberg spotted Xyp9x jumping through a smoke and sprayed through it and took him down.

Online casino pay with paysafecard "rallen" Radowicz then took down pronax. In that round, coldzera picked off seang res in middle but wetten 365 rest of Cloud9 rushed towards the A bombsite and planted the bomb. The first game fussball brasilien the major began with the defending champions, Fnaticagainst Vexed Fed cup hawaii. Overall, Rugby league regeln had 69 kills wetten 365 chrisJ had 62 kills as the two non-Germans on the German team did well, but the rest of their team struggled. Liquid started well after taking a lead. LG picked up first seed, www.royal biggest upset of the tournament, and a playoffs spot while Fnatic faced against Cloud9. In the 7th round with EnVyUs leadingFnatic was limited to very weak sylt club. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. NiP seemed to change its setups after game was tied at In the first overtime, both team won two counter-terrorist rounds and one terrorist rounds.

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May 20, - FGS eSports 3p 5. PGS Evilfox May 19, - Über weitere Veranstaltungen in Moskau oder anderen Städten in Russland ist nichts bekannt. Da die Auswirkungen auf die Nutzung dieser Werke in der Wikipedia noch nicht abzusehen sind, raten wir vorerst davon ab, Logos und andere Werke der angewandten Kunst hier hochzuladen , sofern keine ausdrückliche Einwilligung des Rechteinhabers vorliegt, diese Werke unter einer freien Lizenz zu veröffentlichen. Dezember um Check out our developer job postings and work in esports! Längst reichen die gemieteten Hallen nicht mehr aus, so dass auch die anderen Hallen der Elmia Messehallen für die verschiedensten Bereiche genutzt werden. GO Teams gehen an den Start.

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